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Alexis Ulrich - Territorial Desert Ranch

Santa Fe, Sedona, or Sonora? It isn't any of these. It is in the heart of the Superstitions. The Superstitions are located 35 miles South East of Phoenix, AZ and are truly one of the best hidden secrets of the south west. Geronimo and the Apaches lived in these mountains along with many a gold digger in hopes of finding the lost Dutchman's gold.

Kitchen Interior Design Kitchen Interior Design
Kitchen Interior Design

Western films were made in abundance and today, many ruins and artifacts are visible. The home comes with a bee hive (kiva) fireplace, wall mounted of plaster chieftains, hammered copper cornice boxes and hand carved wood posts through out the kitchen, dining and living room. Rooster run, along the cabinet top and horses with Indians riding around the soffit, create images of the western front. The fabric mounted on the soffit is a Warwick fabric from England. It has been carefully cut, pasted and beaded with a half round for the finishing touches.

The bee hive fireplace arch has an inset tumbled marble and a bronze tiled hearth. The surround comprises of copper, pewter and brass that are individually etched pieces to create the hypnotic effect when the fire is lit. In the film below, is a skylight with a sun burst. The swimming pool tile was incorporated here to give this a cooling effect for those 110 degree temperatures familiar to Arizona summers.

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